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Last fall we entered in to the adventure of reading the whole of the new Testament together as a church family. We used Bibles that had removed the verse and chapter numbers as well as the subject headings. We read

Well, we’re back in Canada (almost all of us at least), exhausted but so thankful for an amazing experience.

Our last day in Israel and Palestine took us to the desert again. We began (quite early!) at Matsada, a Herodian

Today was a very diverse day, a very full day, and a very powerful day.

We began the morning at the Temple Mount. This is the platform built by Herod that housed the 2nd Temple in Jesus’ time, and now

Day 6 brought us to the Old City of Jerusalem, and today, Day 7, we spent some time within the original city limits of Jerusalem from the Old Testament, (which is now called the City of David and currently lays