This Sunday concludes our adventure in the Covenant Community Bible Experience. Over the course of 40 days (8 weeks) we have been reading the entire New Testament together, and gathering in groups to discuss what we’ve read. We have been reading in a way that allows the Word of God to really speak to us, not in a way where we are just looking for facts or quotable phrases. It has been amazing to see how God has been at work through these 8 weeks.

During the Sermon time each week, Pastor Eric highlights one day’s reading, and answers the five discussion questions as a way for the whole church together to engage in this dialogue around the reading.

Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties this week and were not able to record this message, but you will still find the links to the video, the reading and the CBE website above.

Preacher: Pastor Eric Hedberg
Text: Week 8 Day 38 – Revelation

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