Hey, my name is Caleb Brown, I’m 18 years old, and today was day 3 for me in Israel & Palestine.

Today we went to the Judean desert.  As we were in the rolling landscape of sand and rock I felt truly at peace with the Lord. He spoke to me through song and thought and prayer as our group gathered together and worshiped. Then when the time came I just thought of how great our Lord was and started humming the song “How Great is Our God”.  Silly me didn’t come prepared with worship songs but still I searched “How Great” and completely drew a blank that I kinda did have a song called “How Great”  by Chance The Rapper off his album “Colouring Book”.  As I listened to this song on repeat for the next 20 or so mins I felt truly at peace with the Lord and overwhelmed by everything I have seen the past few days. This was when I truly realized I was ready to be baptized in the name of our God.

Our group spreading out for solitary time of reflection and prayer in the Judean wilderness, just as Jesus did for 40 days.

I consider this now a few hours after to be what I realized was spiritual meditation and closeness to God as if his hand was on my shoulder telling me it was time; time to leave my last in the past and stop going through the motions.  Religion was started in me from when I was so young I knew He was always the one I believed in but I felt I drifted away a bit in my teenage years as I took his love for granted and never accepted the fact that a sin is a sin and it takes a toll on God and those around you.

I’ve always been known to hold things to the last minute as I did my baptism reading just last night.  I still didn’t feel ready until this afternoon on the mountain very close to where Jesus spent his 40 days and 40 nights fasting and praying to our Lord.  I mean my fast was only a short few hours since breakfast me having a hollow leg and all but I’ve never felt closer to him than I did there.

After lunch we headed to the River Jordan where me and my Sister in Christ Leslie were baptized by our excellent pastor Eric (apparently I get bonus Jesus points for saying that xD).

Me, being baptized by Pastor Eric.

Leslie, affirming her baptismal covenant with Pastor Eric.

Our Emmanuel Group praying for Leslie and Me 

An awestruck look is on my face as I’m realizing that was the same river Jesus and John the Baptist were both in, As I continue to realize that I’m in the holy land where my beliefs began many centuries ago.

Other photos from our day:

On the left side of the valley,  St. George’s Monastery in the Judean Wilderness  

The Mount of Temptation, the traditional place where Jesus was tempted by the devil after 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness. 

On the see of Galilee enjoying a boat ride.  

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