One of the foundational experiences for the Evangelical Covenant Church began in Sweden where small groups of people would gather together to read and discuss God’s Word. It was an important time of recognizing and embracing that the Bible is accessible to all people. Our faith as a church is built on the knowledge and belief that God’s Word continues to speak to us today. This fall we will be engaging in the Community Bible Experience. We will have times where folks will gather to discuss the reading for the week (focusing on one particular reading that Pastor Eric will be preaching on the following week). Sunday mornings at 9:30am and Monday evenings at 7:00pm all are invited to church to discuss the readings. Also, our youth will be meeting every other Sunday during the worship service for their own time of discussion. Whether you come to one of the scheduled discussion groups at the church, or gather with one or two or more people on your own, the power of this adventure will be in faithfully reading and discussing Scripture as a whole church. Please prayerfully consider how God is calling you to participate in diving deeper in to His Word this fall.

On the Welcome Centre at church, as well as in the links below you can find the Emmanuel CBE bookmark, that outline the reading schedule and the 5 discussion questions that will be the foundation of each discussion time.

We also have a number of Bibles still available, see Pastor Eric or Leslie W if you would like one.

Our Emmanuel Covenant Community Bible Experience Bookmark – Page 1
Our Emmanuel Covenant Community Bible Experience Bookmark – Page 2
Here you can find all sorts of resources from our denomination about the Covenant Community Bible Experience.
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