Day 2 of the tour was heavy, from start to finish. We spent our morning at Tent for the Nations – a Palestinian Christian family’s “homestead” surrounded by five illegal Israeli settlements. We’ll have more on this from a “guest

Hey, my name is Caleb Brown, I’m 18 years old, and today was day 3 for me in Israel & Palestine.

Today we went to the Judean desert.  As we were in the rolling landscape of sand and rock I

On Day 1 of our tour, our entire group of 46 met at the Ben Gurion airport – we reconnected with friends from other Canadian Covenant churches and met new people from USA Covenant churches in Colorado, Illinois, and Oregon.

Erikka and I are sitting in the airport in San Francisco, waiting for our flight to Tel Aviv. It seems surreal that today is already here. This has been a trip months, almost a year, in the making.

The last

I came prepared for my first day on the job in Beijing.  I had read the guidebooks on China’s business culture and local customs, traditions and behaviours.  Having read about the common practice to exchange gifts with new business partners,

One of the foundational experiences for the Evangelical Covenant Church began in Sweden where small groups of people would gather together to read and discuss God’s Word. It was an important time of recognizing and embracing that the Bible is